Sin City 2 A Dame To Kill For Review

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 10 years since Frank Miller’s Sin City first hit the big screen, it was one of the films to herald in this golden age of big screen comic book adaptations as well as Batman Begins also released in 2005 and based heavily on Miller’s work. Nowadays it feels like every other film released is based on one comic book or another and this is where Frank Miller’s Sin City 2 A dame to kill for comes in.

The film is composed of four stories, “A dame to kill for”, “Just another Saturday” night both based on the original books, and two new tales written for the film “The Long Bad Night” and “Nancy’s Last Dance”.

For fans of the first film and indeed the comic books, they will find themselves in familiar territory from the very first frame. For viewers unfamiliar with the series they have the opportunity to witness a unique cinematic universe for the first time and in a sense that may be the best way to view the film.

The original Sin City came at a perfect time, the teaming up of Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, and Frank Miller promised something special, with the previous films like Rodriguez’s Mariachi trilogy and Tarantino’s Kill Bill, Sin City had two large cinematic shoulders to stand on and that’s before it even got to the source material itself.

The success of the first film I feel is the downfall of the sequel. Rodriguez and Miller did such a good job of realizing their vision for Sin City it left nothing to really explore in the sequel and nothing to surprise the audience with. That’s not to say it’s a bad film, far from it, but for those who have seen the first film there is a sense of more of the same. Many of the characters from the original film return along with a few new faces, most notably Eva Green, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Lady Gaga fans shouldn’t get to excited as her role in the film is not a particularly long one.

I would recommend seeing this film, and it is one of the few films that I have found that viewing in 3D made sense. A worthy companion piece to the original film.


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CAST Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson, Jaime King, Jude Ciccolella, Powers Boothe, Mickey Rourke, and Bruce Willis, Eva Green, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Josh Brolin, Jamie Chung, Dennis Haysbert, Marton Csokas, Christopher Lloyd, Julia Garner, Juno Temple, Ray Liotta, Stacy Keach, Christopher Meloni, Alexa Vega, Lady Gaga, Jeremy Piven, Crystal McCahill

DIRECTORS Frank Miller & Robert Rodriguez




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