Lucy (2014) Movie Review

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Lucy, Scarlett Johansson playing the titular role, tells the story of a young woman who gets roped into being a drug mule for some rather nasty drug dealers. She gets implanted with a package of blue powder that ends up leaking in to her system resulting in her having the ability to access 100% of her brain, meanwhile completely coincidentally Professor Morgan Freeman is delivering a speech in Paris about human potential and what would happen if humans could access 20-100% of their brain’s capacity. Lucy finds out about the professor and decides that they need to meet, meanwhile the evil drug dealers led by Choi Min-Sik decide to hunt her down and recover the drugs.

When I first saw the trailer for Lucy my initial reaction was “didn’t they already make this with Bradley Cooper?”  I was of course referring to the 2011 film Limitless which turns out to be the better film, the fact he starts out using 20% of his brain alone puts it ahead.

Having been a fan of Luc Besson’s earlier work in particular Leon, and The Fifth Element, I was willing to look past the trailer and the slating the film received over the whole people using 10% of their brains fiasco,

I should have watched the trailer and left it at that, in fact the trailer is a far better film then the actual feature. The dialogue is surprisingly bad, the special effects are poor and the performances are merely sufficient. Choi Min-Sik, brilliant in films like Oldboy, is wasted in this film playing generic evil bad drug lord #1. Both Freeman and Johansson narrate a significant portion of this film with dialogue aimed at an audience that only uses 1% of its brain capacity. Amr Waked plays the French cop who teams up with Lucy to thwart the baddies plans but after their first scene together he serves little purpose other than to be “the guy” because even with her god-like powers Lucy still needs a man in her life.

I did want to like this film and I really did try, but it was never an option. The only positives I can say for it is that it is only 90 minutes long and I had a voucher for a free medium popcorn and beverage. If you want Sci-fi and Scarlet Johansson check out Under the Skin instead.


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CAST Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Amr Waked, Choi Min-sik



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