Lego Spaceship Designs

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A collection of Spaceships I created over the years using Lego.


First up is not exactly a space ship, I see it more as an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV), I like the two claws at the front for moving debris out of the way, and how they can fold away out of sight. I even created a small docking station with magnetic clamps. One of the wing propellers has gone missing, battle damage from when it got relegated to the attic.

The second ship is my favorite. It started out as an attempt to build a model of the U.S.S. Defiant from the Star Trek Tv show Deep Space Nine, however it took on a life of its own. Up front is a cockpit for the pilot, while in the mid section there is a cockpit for a gunner/navigator. There is also a hidden compartment behind the forward cockpit. Underneath is a rotating turret. The centre of the ship contains a battery pack which enabled both light and sound pieces, the battery is long since dead.

If the second ship belonged to the “good guys” then this third ship would definitely belong to the villains. This started out as the LEGO 6915 Warp Wing Fighter UFO Space Ship, but got stripped down and rebuilt as this sleeker, and deadlier assault fighter.

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